About Our Company

Sylvester Quality Meats was rooted in 2007 to fill a void in our local market for custom butchered meat that can be tracked to its source. In a culture governed by fast foods, we delight in an environment where you can interact with our knowledgeable butchers, who have combined experience of 61 years behind the saw, to assure our customers receive only the finest products available.

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Beef Cuts

Whether you have a whole or half cow needing to be broken down, we can accommodate. We follow your directions in customizing your beef cuts. Not sure how you want your cuts? We have our own preferred custom cut sizes that we can use for your cuts as well. Stop by or give us a call to get cutting today!

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Hog Cuts

We can break down your whole or half hog to customized cuts based on your preference. We also offer a smoking service to add a delicious, unique taste to your pork cuts. Not sure how you want your hog broken down? We offer a standard cut service that we use on our own meats. Stop by or Call us today!

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Lamb Cuts

Breaking down a lamb is no problem for our skilled butchers. Not only can we cut your lamb into several delicious sections, we can offer a variety of cuts from Frenched lamb ribs to ground lamb to kabob cubes and roasts. Whatever you’re looking for we can provide. Call or stop by today!

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Venison Processing is just another one of our expert butchering specialties where we can exemplify our fantastic custom cuts. Any way you prefer to cut your deer, we will do our very best to provide. Give us a call or stop in today! We cut whole or half deer.

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Retail Store

As a sister company to Sweet Water Farm, we know the importance of raising quality animals for the best quality meats. At Sylvester Quality Meats retail store, we sell nothing but the cleanest meat products. We pride ourselves in holding our meat products to a higher standard for our customers. Visit us today! There’s always a perfect cut waiting for you.

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Katie M.

Quality meat! Processing floor is a sight to see. New smokehouse is a great addition to the already endless options for meat.

Lindsay R.

Extremely clean shop, meat is always cut and packaged perfectly! Great customer service making the ordering process easy.

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Custom Butcher

Our custom butcher services are exceptionally professional with unmatched knowledge in quality meats and cuts. We break down your cow, hog, or venison into the desired cut list that you provide to us. Our butchers take cleanliness and food safety very seriously, ensuring that you will be returned your exact animal cuts, with our guarantee of zero contamination, the finest quality cuts, and packaged perfectly. Stop by or contact us today with any questions!

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A Cut Above The Rest

At Sylvester Quality Meats you are sure to ALWAYS get your own meat back. From beef down to venison, we are adamant about never mixing your meat with another. Whether you have a 200lb batch of grind, or a small 8lb batch, it will always be made separately. We understand the importance of raising and cleaning your animal the way you want to eat it.

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