About Us

Sylvester Quality Meats is a sister company to Sweet Water Farm. Sweet Water is a family farm located in Brookfield township in an area that used to be known as Sylvester in the late 1800’s, owned by Rick Mead and wife Veronica Mead. Previously owned by Ricks parents Richard and Margaret Mead and before them, Richards parents Wilford and Rena Mead. Raising quality animals is a family passion and our mission is to give you the opportunity to buy meat that is environmentally sustainable and locally raised.

A Cut Above The Rest

At Sylvester Quality Meats you are sure to ALWAYS get your own meat back. From beef down to venison, we are adamant about never mixing your meat with another. Whether you have a 200lb batch of grind, or a small 8lb batch, it will always be made separately. We understand the importance of raising and cleaning your animal the way you want to eat it.

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